Wee MacGregor Copper Project (Cu)

Queensland, Australia

Mining International Pty Ltd (Mining International), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cyclone Metals. The Company holds tenure to 4 mining leases at the Wee MacGregor Project located 40 km southeast of Mt Isa in Queensland (Wee MacGregor Project). The tenements are located within in the Eastern Fold Belt of the Mt Isa inlier. The tenements are located in the Mary Kathleen Zone/Wonga Subprovince. This area is prospective for a variety of deposit types, most notably structurally controlled epigenetic copper and gold deposits.

Cohiba Minerals Limited (Cohiba) has a Farm-in agreement with the Company for mining licences ML 2504, ML 2773 and ML 90098, while Firebird Minerals Pty Ltd (Firebird) has a Farm-in agreement for mining licence ML 2771.

The Lady Ethleen tenement (ML 2771) has been 100% retained by Cyclone Metals (Lady Ethleen). The Lady Ethleen tenement is currently being utilized for a trial mining and processing exercise using a newly developed green leach process known as GlyLeach TM. A successful trial will mean a significant shift in future processing technology and will in turn facilitate possible development of the part owned, nearby Wee Macgregor Project as well as many other potential small assets in the district, that may be economic with access to appropriate processing technology.

Nickol River Gold Project (Au)

Western Australia

The Nickol River Gold Project is located approximately 13km east of Karratha in the Pilbara region of Western Australia (Nikol River Project). It comprises seven granted Mining Leases (M47/87, M47/127, M47/401, M47/421, M47/435, M47/455, M47/577) and five Miscellaneous Licences (L47/686, L47/687, L47/688, L47/689, and L47/565 (application)) and a Water Licence 177790.

The Nickol River Project is within the Karratha Terrane on the north side of the Sholl Shear Zone, near the margin of the Karratha Granodiorite. The tenements are underlain by the Roebourne Group, dominantly the peridotitic komatiite Ruth Well Formation. The Ruth Well Formation also includes komatiitic basalt, tholeiite, chert and peridotite and dolerite sills.

The immediate area surrounding and including the Nickol River Project tenements has been explored for gold since 1889. Most recently the tenement M47/1527 which is partly surrounded by tenements M47/127 and M47/401, has been drilled by a series of owners and successfully mined for alluvial gold by its present owners, Artemis Resources Limited (ASX: ARV).

This area is highly prospective for gold deposits, although no substantial modern exploration or drilling has been carried out on the Nickol River Project tenements.

Top Mineral Development Company in Australia


Top Mineral Development Company in Australia

European Lithium Ltd

  • 4.5%
  • ASX – EUR
  • Lithium
  • Focused on developing the advanced Wolfsberg Lithium Project (Austria)

CuFe Ltd

  • 15.13%
  • ASX – CUF
  • Producer, Exploration & development
  • Iron Ore, Copper, Lithium, REE’s and Gold interests (WA, and NT Australia)

Cauldron Energy Ltd

  • 2.70%
  • ASX – CXU
  • Gold, Uranium and sand exploration (Australia)

International Goldfields Ltd

  • 18.82%
  • currently unlisted
  • Gold (Australia, Cote d’Ivoire & Brazil)

Current as at Quarter ended 30 September 2023.